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This always cracks me up and I just want a giant poster of it in every lab.






White feminism in a nutshell 

Hang that sign off her neck like a scarlet goddamn letter and make her stand in a predominantly black thoroughfare. Somewhere she wouldn’t get hurt, but would probably get yelled at at best, spat on at worst, where she could just stand there and realize how much of an asshole she’s being until she’s fucking sorry.

If she’s going to co-opt, best let her face the group she’s co-opting while she does it.

I find this image is a perfect representation of how feminism is utterly shameless when it comes to co-opting the movements of actual minorities and making it all about themselves.  The sad thing is?  That phrase is a pretty common one and is a John Lennon/Yoko Ono song, and the phrase was coined by Ono herself.   It’s not just that one sign: I’ve seen it crop up quite a few times in feminist protests and such.

Between this and “homophobia is the fear that gay men will treat you like women” and as one feminist just put it “homophobia is really about misogyny because its not like straight acting gay men are the ones experiencing it” 

Pretty much everyone in SJ co-opts the Blacks. Suzy Park compared Asians not having  enough good acting roles to the civil rights struggle. The whole thing is a struggle to be ‘blacker than the Blacks’, metaphorically speaking. Victimhood is power.

The funniest thing about Suey Park was that she made a post criticising wealthy asian americans such as herself appropriating the struggles of working class asian immigrants to validate themselves 

Guess only Suey is allowed to do that.

But I try to leave her alone now.   It’s obvious she is suffering from some sort of depression or mental disorder, and after a while it got depressing seeing her destroy her reputation over and over and over and over and her idiot drones enabling a very unhappy woman turning herself into an internet joke.

It’s a John Lennon song and she is quoting the lyrics can the 15 year olds on this website please educate themselves or shut up.

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Spraying me with febreze like the dirty sock I am.


Get down on your knees and say “spritz” bitch.


"your full name without an E,F,R,S,K,I,M,L,C,A,Y,N"

Hi, my name is P. That’s literally fucking it. My first, middle, and last name is just P.

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This picture makes me want to punch someone


It’s about 20 degrees cooler in this shade


The most bizarre taxidermies I found on the internet